Meio De Cultura

Role: coordinator

The outreach project “Meio de Cultura” (culture medium, in free translation) is an extension activity at UFSCar Sorocaba, a public federal university from Sorocaba, São Paulo state, Brazil. The project’s purpose is “to nurture the interaction between the university and the community, being a means of expanding and transforming knowledge”. Our team consists of servers and students from UFSCar Sorocaba, all motivated by the passion and the desire to communicate science.

Our main activities are developed in partnership with city institutions. We highlight the partnership with the Sorocaba Zoo, in which we are updating their outreach project of “Kit zoos”. Those kits are used in schools of the region to teach about zoology, ecology and conservation.

We are also organizing a Festival of Scientific Communication to be run on July 2021.

Silas C. Principe
Silas C. Principe
PhD Candidate - Oceanography

My research interests include sdm.